02 July, 2015

Downtown Kaliedoscope fun

So I went downtown and it was so much crazy fun. I am very daring when I'm out and that's what makes the night so awesome. I couldn't see a thing inside of my new kaleidoscope glasses but when I have them on, I feel like I rule the world ! I'm so happy I own a pair.  I'm also obsessed with my new septum piercing :)

Mirror me:
Dress : Man HiShang
Boots : Forever 21


09 June, 2015

Nature Love

I'm in love with my background ! It's EVERYTHING to me. 


07 May, 2015

Post #MetGala

I can't afford the ticket to Metgala but I decided to bring my own style to the table this year. Nothing special to it but it still means something great to me ! Next year I'm definitely gunna kill the theme, whatever it may be. I hope you guys like it :)

Mirror me:
Dress : H&M

I will definitely do more next year :)

28 March, 2015

Late Birthday Post

I turned 23 just weeks ago one the green day of the month. But for some reason, even with the hot sun out, I was in the mood to go for PASTEL. Not just any pastel but the kind that hits you as soon as you look at me. And not to forget I paired it with a little cheetah and black heels. I called it Pastel Tuesday :)
I just had celebrated International Women's Day a few days before and it felt so good. There are no words I could put on this electronic piece of paper to describe my feeling of becoming a woman. And when fashion is involved it makes me even happier and the vibe a whole lot better !

Mirror me :
Wet Seal Faux Fur
Mint pants from Macy's
White collard shirt from H&M


22 March, 2015

Audrey Peach Sunday !

There was no sunshine today so I decided to put color on me :) My first day as a Georgia Peach !

Mirror me :
Skirt : H&M
Jacket : H&M

-Exo, Tella

23 December, 2014

New face of Armani Junior

Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.
― Albert Einstein
Look at this beauty :

Do you have any idea what my reaction would be if I got to hug the legendary fashion genius Giorgio Armani. I don't even know ! But I believe she's doing it right..staying natural is the best way to behave with someone so huge. I think it is such a beautiful thing that she is the new face for Armamani Junior. Awesomeness !!
Nice Job Quvenzhané Wallis !!

Until next time