13 November, 2014

Dump the BULLSHIT!!!

WOW! OMG It's been longer than I thought. I did not know it would take me this long to get back on track. I've been making a major move guys and it took me FOREVER to unpack (my worst enemy) and get things in place. But now that I'm back I must write about the way I've been feeling lately. I wonder if any of you feel the same way.

Do you know anyone who you suppose to actually care about you enough to boost your self-esteem and confidence to kick the world's butt harder than it kicks you ?
When you constantly have someone that makes you feel so hopeless and helpless like you're not capable of doing anything at all it can be really emotional and hard to tell yourself different. But I am here to tell you pretty little guys and gals that it is only up to you to omit those words and kill that poison completely out of your system. because if you don't you'll forever be sticking around with your head down proving that one difficult person right ! And I don't believe that is something any of you want to do. It doesn't feel good just sitting and not trying to reach for any success. It's such an undesirable feeling.
You know I've met many people that believe you must start somewhere big enough to make you feel like someone or that's the only way to do it because any other way just isn't right.That is non-sense and pure ignorance and a huge pile of bullcrap fantasy. You start big and you will eventually go small. Life is meant to go slow enough to help you learn. To my understanding it is always a good idea to start where you can and work your way to the place that you makes you feel like YOU !

NOONE  is worth taking away the dream that was given to you.
All you gotta do is try.

Fashion doesn't have to be your passion in order for the world to be your runway. Make it you own runaway for whatever you're trying to follow after.

One eyes, two eyes no matter how see things ....

"Better keep yourself clean and bright; you are the window through which you must see the world "
-George Bernard Shaw

Fashion By Spanish designer Agatha Ruiz De la prada.

Til next time