05 December, 2014

Gray Malin

You know what's been blowing my mind the past few days ?............... Gray Malin, the photographer with the big heart of talent and courage. I discovered him when I decided to watch the Today show. His work is amazing and time consuming. I am actually thinking about buying one of his photographs. All shot in Marfa,TX .

I'd like to escape to a place like this. 

I love this one so much. I have no idea what it is that makes me go crazy for this photograph.

I don't think I'd mind hitchhicking after shopping from Prada. I believe Prada is a good enough weapon to protect me should anything happen . But here is the thing that moved me the most about this man and his awesome vision. He started his career in a flea market and ended up getting noticed by some darling somewhere. You never know where small places and small goals can take you.
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