20 December, 2014

What the words "be your own idol" by Sophia Amoruso did for me

I've been known to doubt myself and have no clue how to take the first step because of my huge amount of fear. I've also been known as the girl who could tell you any success story that started off on a rough road. I'll ususally tell these stories to people who dreams to be change the world but is struggling to be recognized.I've had so many years of looking up to people like they were on a cloud I could never reach. Whether they were celebrities or regular people doing big things that interested me. Now I have enough of paying so much attention to other people's lives and witnessing so many things happen for them while I'm still the average girl next door. So I've decided no more hoping and wishing. It makes me feel like Julia Roberts running after Micheal in my best friend's wedding. She was running after something that was never going to be hers. It's not a jealous thing but more of a pointless non-benefiting process in my life. And that's not what I want for my future. Focusing on the wrong things in life is such an headache.

But someone who knew what she wanted and was to determined to have it .......
 I will like to start making my own legacy small things at a time. And hopefully I will change someone's life one day. Even with just this blog post. I am inspired by that pretty red head Annie created back in the year I was born in 1992. She was one happy singing little girl that helped other girls get through the day. And that big fluffy dog was awesome too. So much I had to buy one and cuddle with mine too. The first thing I did was enroll in nursing school again and plan on finishing this time. Here I am in my scrubs and best friend, Gigi.
I'm on my way to see the new Annie right now. Yes it is a hardknock life. But can't it be a fun one too? Have a good day French Rebels !

Until next time