24 October, 2014

Book writing !

Recently I read about two women that took the advantage of talking about their experience of being forced to stay in one place and still manage to write a book.....full of secrets. The first woman is New Jersey housewife Teresa Giudice,who isn't exactly locked away just yet, is attempting to write a tell all book which has a lot of peole waiting for it to hit the stores. And the second woman is Meili Cady, who use to blog her everyday life as a house arrest girl and she eventually wrote a book titled "smoke" and to be honest i'm not a fan of smoking at all nor will I ever promote it. But this is why she was put in this situation so it was a good title I guess. She found the time to sit and write a book which is still a challenge even when you're sitting around the house. I have so many stories in me that I just allow to rot and waist which I now know is just plain stupid. I plan to write fiction that will make people feel like they're in another world instead of in my world. I do not watch any reality show about housewives but I do watch the ID channel which is how I discovered Meili Caady crazy idea of blogging her experience on house arrest. But you know what? sometimes you'll be surprised what type of things people like to read and these two ladies got a story out of their trouble. I get mine out of my natural imagination. And now I believe it is finally my time to take a break away from the internet (I'll try not to lose my mind) and write a damn book already !But of course I'll need to keep you guys updated on the stuff in my head.

If any of you beautiful guys and gals have a book idea and just been too lazy or too busy to get started, here is my biggest advice to you :
1.Turn off the tv.
2. Cut off the internet.

I agree with Sophia Amoruse,founder and CEO of Nasty Gal

Even if you're not a writer

-On se parle plus tard