22 October, 2014

Oscar de la Renta


This post is obviously dedicated to one of the most celebrated,talented,iconic, and influental desginers of all time, Oscar de la Renta !
When I make a tribute to someone that I really admire I go all the way through no mater who thinks I'm crazy. It's so personal to me that I even changed my google chrome theme to his design .
May he rest in peace and continue to make things elegant in his resting place :)

My two favorite Oscar de la Renta's dresses are :




And my two favortie from his Spring/Summer 2015 Collection :

Very elegant..I want it !

to die for !

There a lot of accents in this video but it is worth watching :)

"I am lucky that I am apart of the movement to understand the power of a woman today"
-Oscar de la Renta 
You will be remembered. Thank you for your stunning FASHION.

-On se parle plus tard