06 October, 2014

Express Your French

I've been away from blogging for almost two years now. I've been a little grey. A little pink. And a lot of green. What I mean is I've been sad, happy, and busy.And now I am trying to get busier. Busier with my homemaking career. And I realize no matter what I do I can never be too busy to write because it's what makes me happiest and it's my first love.
All the feelings of online networking power and stranger love came back to me when I came across this screenshot of my old twitter account :

I actually forgot about it. But when I saw it, that and a few other things was all I needed to push me into getting back online and be the old me but the new me too. And trust me guys that girl is one bad ass smart chick that is on her way to the world of FASHION !
The fact that Fashion Police use to follow me had me a bit stumbled. I think it hit me harder than Beverly or Betsey following me only because I loved Joan Rivers SO MUCH !!
So indeed besides myself for wanting to start something again in a more powerful way, I also dedicate this blog post to the beloved Joan Rivers who I miss so dearly much. There will never be a better fashion critic or comedian. And of course I have to credit her with being the first woman to ask the question "who are you wearing?" on every red carpet event ! That is a huge reason why I know half the designers that I know now. And partly the only reason I watch these red carpet shows.

She's taught me to be MYSELF and express all the words and feelings I have in me. She is one of the reasons I decide to Express my French !

Forget about excusing my french....let my blog and brand be the first place you feel like being honest and true to yourself. I share my thoughts and you share yours or you could buy them as crazy as it sounds !

On se parle plus tarde French Rebels !
Exo, Tella