11 October, 2014


“ I should of been posted this thought of mine but I got caught up in such a messy schedule. The other day I read about how Tyra Banks defended one of her gay ANTM contestants and this is one of the reasons I love this woman so much !
She is not only original but very smart and always have a great point to share. I've seen her say many good speeches or quotes to people and I will have to add this one as one of my favorite :

"This is an industry that is predominately female. So whenever you step into an industry that is predomintaley a certain sex, you get the sterotype that you are gay. Be proud of this industry and every single male model, gay, straight, heels, corsets. Who gives a fuck?"

And it gets better when she makes it historical A fact that is beyond true ! ......

"I want to take you back 50 years and imagine you overheard Will say 'I hope that Denzel guy doesn't win, because if a black guy wins my friends at home are going to say I'm his bitch."

That fierce little face and attitude definitely nailed it.

-On se parle plus tard