11 October, 2014

Overload of thoughts

I went to the movies to watch "Gone Girl" with my brother the other night and must I say it was NO waist of money! My first thought was "oh my gosh who is this woman and where did she come from?" She is fucking amazing!"  It wasn't her first role but I bet it was surely her breakthrough role. And for that one of-a-kind handsome Ben Affleck, he did one hell of a job too. I really loved when he first met her and discovered that Amazing Amy,the little girl in her book series, was actually her she was writing about. It made some type of high energy go through my body because I know that a lot of real life writers do this. And I'm one of them. I can't tell the character's name yet but when it's published you guys will be the first to know. I'm so excited ! Ok so back to the movie. Idk if it was how dirty Ben was in this movie or just simply her amazing acting style that had cracking up. I always fantasized about playing a role like this. You guys must see this movie because by the time I finished it I was the gone girl in my own zone !

-On se parle plus tard