25 November, 2014

Are you happy about your work??

Good morning world !

I recently had a conversation with a friend of mine about his work and how unhappy he is with it. His best way of explaining this situation to me was " I'm just not happy waking up every morning just to do the same thing that is not making me happy." The thought of having to do that is horrifying but when you're actually living it and not even thinking about it , somehow it doesn't hit you into you the winter mornings, coming across someone who has a head start on something that you dream to do, or getting paid just to spend on living expenses. Those are the harsh realities. We all know it's a challenge to get out of bed when it's cold outside and without that extra motivation it's almost impossible and very depressing.
The only thing I could possibly tell my darling friend is the same thing I will like to tell you guys and gals today "It is hard but if you keep going with a big paper of small goals to big goals hanging on your wall and even without that it's all about your mental health. Somehow you gotta keep the strength to remind yourself that you are doing all that hard work for a reason. And that reason is to make your ultimate dream happen ! You gotta keep working into THE DAY YOU GET TO WAKE UP FOR EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANTED YOU'RE WHOLE LIFE"

To add a little humor to it I'm gunna tell you guys and gals my secret ! ........ I really enjoy compairng myself to my favorite or even random television characters. Whether they're from a movie or a tv series, it's awesome ! And they can be heroic , lame, geeky, sexy, or a total slut for all I care. It's really all about what part of that character you take out and put in your reality.
Such as that bomb ass Samantha Jones (yeah that woman that loves to have sex ) she was once upon a time a lonely gal that still had to work hard and eventually got to where she wanted. Or let's go way back to one of my classic favorties. The bold and beautiful Nurse Jenny Lee (nurse chummy browne is my favorite too :) from the series Call the Midwife. Although she had already done the work to live her dream she still had to make many mental and emotional changes to actually enjoy waking up and smiling to deliver beautiful babies. If I told you all the amazing character's shoes I put myself in I'd be sitting behind this computer FOREVER.
I am not saying compare the fantasy to real life, just simply look at what part of these characters you  can put in you to find peace and a little laughter at the end of your day and the mornings you feel tired and fed up.
One more character I wanna leave you guys and gals with is the legendary Spongebob Squarepants :D

Until next time