23 November, 2014

DIY #1

You ever wanted to make an clutch without so much work. without having to buy so much supplies with difficult directions ? Well lucky for you I've found a little way you guys to do it. I was just roaming Yahoo DIY'S (I'm totally addicted) and found this cool new trick.

Materials:- two 11 x 8-in faux leather rectangles
- black zipper
- dark thread
Tools:- leather or fabric glue
- needle
- scissors
1. Take your zipper and squeeze a plentiful amount of leather glue along the edge. Now wait a couple of minutes until your glue becomes completely transparent and fasten your first faux leather rectangle on top. Then repeat on the other side.
2. Now it’s time to glue the sides together. Take your leather glue and “draw” three lines along the left, bottom and right edges and let your glue dry for a while.
3. Open up your zipper.
4. Fold your upper part onto your bottom one and press firmly.
5. Just to be sure that everything will stay in place, hand stitch where the zipper meets the two leather pieces.
6. Cut the corners.
7. Turn your pouch inside out and voila, you’re done.
8. (optional) Complete the look with a pendant of your choice.
Source : YAHOO